Community Folks is what Community Builders, Leaders call their second home.

We brainstorm ideas here. We solve problems, we host & attend events, we share a laugh, we bond.

India’s first community of community builders | Community Folks

Here our mission is to create better Community Leaders who together will make our Indian ecosystem understand the importance of Community Management and help brands grow via communities. Through this community, we have trained over 100 community professionals from scratch who are building communities at places like Google, GitHub, Microsoft.

Perks of being member of Community Folks

Access to highly curated Meet-ups & Workshops

Peer to Peer support

Leadership and speaking opportunities

A trusted place for discussing their issues

Social learning & encouragement

Access to Experts Live Sessions & AMAs’ and SO MUCH MORE


CommunityFolks is an effort to bring all the Community Managers + Tech Evangelists + Relation Managers + any People Person under one roof where they can teach as well as learn from each other’s experiences.


Aspiring community builders, leaders, managers, and everyone who thinks they are involved with anything related to the community

A community is all about its members, and
our members love us. Hear it from them

“CFK has helped me build a strong, genuine, reliable network of community professionals from India. I can blindly trust Humans of CFK for any help needed that's related to community space. CFK has also been instrumental in my transition to the community industry. Thank you CFK!”

Biswajeeta Rath

“Community Folks has always been like my home in the virtual world. I was introduced to this community by a colleague turned friend and now, I have amazing friends from CFK. To me, this community is all about memorable experiences, learning, and connections. I really love the vibe CFK has and its events are close to my heart. Rock on CFK.”

Varalakshami Dwarkanath

"Community Folks is a space for beginners to feel comforted, professionals, to find peer learning, and veterans to mentor young talent. The events from CFK are my favorite. I have met several folks who ask good questions, share their learnings and celebrate all things community. I believe that what Switzerland did for banks, Scotland did for whisky, India will do for Community Management. And CFK will be remembered for its pioneering efforts."

Manohar Kabeer

“From Lurker to Contributor to Inner Circle member. This is my journey with Community Folks. It's fun and intellectually stimulating to be part of a tribe that understands what you do and together we are figuring out ways to explain the value & impact of #community to everyone specially shaping the community industry in India.”

Vineet Nandan Gupta

“My story before getting introduced to CFK was like someone who has just started her career but didn't know if people in the career she has chosen existed or not. I am very passionate about helping anyone in the best way I can personally or professionally and that's the same kind of environment I was able to find at CFK which made the experience more welcoming. I feel grateful to be a part of this community for more than 3 years now where I get to participate not only in the events but also can chill and talk to my fellow members about the experiences.”

Ankita Mishra

"CFK started off with a place for great resources and then eventually turned into a close group of friends and colleagues. At CFK, I have seen my fellow community enthusiasts help other every new member and equip them with all the tools and knowledge. It’s great to see communities get their due importance in businesses and I’m proud to say that CFK has been leading this change from the forefront."

Cherish Santoshi