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Looking for your next community role or tired of finding perfect Community Professionals for your project?
Your search ends here!

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Looking for your next community role or tired of finding perfect Community Professionals for your project?
Your search ends here!

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How It Works

For Candidates


Apply using the form, only a handful of applicants will be selected


Get interview call by the experts at Community Folks


If you are new to community management or wish to strengthen your grasp of it, we welcome you to take part in the masterclass. (optional)


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We understand the industry

We know communities, we know community professionals, we have the tribal knowledge, we have worked with immense communities in the past, and we have helped grow dozens of community professionals. We understand the industry, we are the OGs. We are Community Folks.


Everybody starts their journey somewhere.For me that somewhere was a rocketship - Community Folks. Community Folks introduced me to the true essence of community building and helped me pave my way into community management as a full time career. Starting from mentorship to guidance to collaboration, I have experienced it all by being a part of community folks. One of the best mentorship I have received is through this platform and will always cherish being a part of Community Folks

Shubham Upadhyaya
Hackathon Community Manager - APAC, Major League Hacking

Working with Paras was an awe-inspiring experience. The enthusiasm he has for bringing people together, building connections, and making an impact through these connections shows in his work. He is a Community Builder by passion and by profession. With Community Folks, he has helped me build a community that has impacted members and the business in many ways that I didn’t even imagine. The way Community Folks takes care of the process and execution shows true professionalism.

Sangeeta Gupta
Community Program Manager, Dataiku


How to contact Community Folks team?

You may email your query at Similarly, you may also fill a form here. We will be glad to help you!

How does Community Folks screen the candidates?

We do extensive research and curate the talent pool. Later, only candidates whose skill sets match specific requirements are screened and shortlisted, simplifying your hiring process. As a result, our clients are able to interview only qualified, shortlisted candidates and hire the most valuable individuals. We also provide training as needed.

Why should I opt for Community Folks?

Community Folks conducts in-depth research to assess candidates and then shortlists them based on their experience and skills. Your requirements are our priority and we focus on hiring the valuable candidates from the talent pool. Our way of working provides value to everyone, be it an MNC, startup or medium-sized organization.

What are the services provided by Community Folks?

We are a niche recruitment consultancy for community and people first domains. Other then hiring we also help brands build their communities.

Which sector does Community Folks helps in hiring?

Community Folks cater to the needs of organizations and businesses requiring resources for community and people-first roles.

I am an employer, do I get a dedicated account manager?

Yes. There will be a dedicated and single point of contact for all your queries, requests, and follow-ups.

What is community hiring programme?

This is an initiative by Community Folks. We are working to connect potential candidates with global brands/startups to build and manage thriving communities around their product and services.

Do I have to pay for getting hired?

NO. It’s free for candidates. You only have to fill the form and we’ll reach out to you.

What will I get from this?

For folks just starting, it's a great kick start to begin your community journey with. For experienced folks, it's a chance for you to connect with the right organization where you can use your skills and experience to grow.

What to expect?

For the candidates selected in the interview, they will be connected with the brands based on their skill set and experience. So, you have an opportunity to work for a brand that is just right for you.

Who should apply for this?

Everyone who is looking for a role in the Community Management industry including - Students, Freshers, Community Professionals, Freelancers/Consultants, and working professionals looking to switch into the community domain.