Why Community Folks?

We are India’s first Community Management and Engagement firm. We help organizations and individuals build thriving communities.

While we customize our services for every brand, our process mainly involves – conducting research and growing your brand value, customer engagement, and collaboration through creative content, performing analysis, and tracking overall brand growth. Some of the brands we have previously worked with include – Trikon, QwikSkills, Emotorad, TheTestTribe, Skillenza, Meta, etc.


You Never Grow Alone But Always With A Community

Building a community accelerates your brand growth in many ways

Sales, Marketing & Success

• Enhanced Sales Enablement
• Improved Marketing Effectiveness
• Customer Advocacy And Product/Service Affinity
• Increased Channel Presence & Referrals
• Organic Search Engine & Social Media Optimisation

Customer Service & Experience

• Improved Customer Self-service Lesser Inbound Support Calls
• Higher Customer Retention And Satisfaction
• Improved Churn-rate
• Better Customer Relationship And Engagement

Product & Brand Development

• Increase In Feedbacks And Ideas
• Customer-driven Product Innovation
• Knowledge Retention
• Brand Awareness & Expansion
• Employee Hiring And Retention

Research & Branding

• Community Vision & Mission
• Member Analysis
• Community Concept
• Content Strategy
• Communication channeling
• Best platform selection
• Launch Strategy

Engagement & Experiments

• Team Building & Training
• Community Engagement
• Creative Content Creation
• Content distribution
• Community Surveys
• Social Media Management
• Organic Growth Experiments

Collaboration & Growth

• Online Campaigns
• Co-branding Campaigns
• Event PlanningIn real Meetups
• Brand Partnerships
• Hackathons/Challenges
• Monitoring & Analysis

Brands We Have Helped

A Sneak Peak

- Communities We have Built

A Sneak Peak

There were two initiatives for Facebook:Facebook community Leadership circles Bangalore chapter. Which all the community leaders from Bangalore were a part of.Connecting local people to help each other. Helping them with strategy, ideas, and the execution of those. This was carried out during the pandemic times.

IncubateInd is a hackathon organizing platform. There a community was built for hackathon lovers. A place where developers can discover and take part in various hackathons and uncover their skills while making connections. It was an India-based community on Facebook.

Scapic is a 3D-powered product visual platform for eCommerce using AR and VR technologies. There a community was built for users who create filters in AR-VR technologies. So that they can share their ideas with others and get feedback and a new perspective on their projects. The community was built on Facebook

Skillenza is a hackathon organizing platform for organizations and colleges. Several communities segregated by specialized language were built there, like Java, Data Science. In addition to this, there also existed an inner circle of the community on Whatsapp. The original community existed on their own platform.

Geogram is a platform to create a virtual replica of your location to plan, optimize and manage onsite activities like never before. There a global community was built as an online meeting place for professionals who are passionate about AR VR. The community existed on Facebook.

LikeMinds is a chat-based community-building platform. Various individual and brand community builders are building and growing their communities there. There we helped build the product from the beginning phase. Also helped develop a community of community builders and the programs for them.

EMotorad is an EV brand, that specializes in electric-powered bicycles. There we built a community of fitness, and cycling enthusiasts to bring them together with environmentalists on a single platform. The aim was to make cycling the new cool thing by motivating and promoting members. The community existed on Facebook.

PetSearch is a fresh pet food delivery to the home service platform. There a community was built for all the pet lovers. The aim was to bring them together and help solve their issues through peer-to-peer connections. A place where they can confer about their pets and their needs. The community existed on Facebook.

Byond Travel is an organization that takes women on international trips and tours. There we built a community that was designed specifically for women travelers. It was designed in a way so that all women travelers can discuss the issues they face while traveling, be it solo or with a group. They also planned trips with members of the community together, in which the community helped. A city chapter was also launched in Bangalore. The community existed on Facebook.

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How can Community help my brand?

A community gives you people who actually care about the brand and its products. And they become true and loyal evangelists of the brand.

Does Community Management also include SEO?

No, SEO is not part of community management.

Is Community Management the same as Social Media Marketing?

No, community management is people first, while social media marketing is product first.`

Who are the members of the community?

Members of a band community are people who are interested in the same niche or are existing/potential clients of the brand.